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About Us

At Dance ffun Studio  (read as dance for fun) the emphasis is on FUN through movement. As a registered qualified Royal Academy of Dance Teaher with 26 years experience in South Africa and in my 9th year as Teacher in New Zealand I want to bring the joy of Dance to as many children as possible.

Cost is kept to the minimum: Leotards may be of any colour or style and we get Ballet shoes at a good price.


The Curriculum for Pre-School : "Dance to Your Own Tune" 3 to 4yrs is  aimed at developing children's awareness of their bodies and the how and why of movement. 


  • Enhances movement abilities and physical fitness

  • Aid children in becoming physically and spatially aware

  • Stimulate children's listening skills

  • Encourage children to move expressively and with imagination

  • Build confidence and self esteem

This curriculum is laying the foundation for formal training from 5 yrs of age.

Props, imagination,  fun and exiting  Themes to stimulate the children's interest in Dance.








From 5yrs of age the children start with formal training in Ballet in the Royal Academy of Dance method.


Teaching is done in a  a loving, fun but disciplined atmosphere.

Royal Academy of Dance exams from Grade 3 on request. Non compulsory but recommended as it keeps the standard high and give the children a sense of achievement.


Danceffun Ballet Studio was found in 2012 (Ngunguru area)

Studio opened its doors in Whakatane May 2013 at 14 Lovelock Street.

We  are at :

 Whakatane: 9 Bracken Street Studio




Adult Ballet from age 16 to whenever you still feel like dancing, This is for everyone who danced as a child and want to Dance  again or who never Danced but always wanted to.

Current: Adult  beginner class


Contact me for Adult Ballet Beginner classes if interested.

LYRICAL DANCE: Lyrical Dance taught from age 5yrs. Medal Tests done in July. Jazz Dance NZ. Lyrical Dance is a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, danced on Music with Lyrical (mostly) It is an emotional, imaginative free form of Dance.


Fantastic End of Year Show 

at Little Theatre Whakatane 11th & 12th of December




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